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HTMA Healing Reset

This is for you if already on a health journey and need a reset or need a slow start.

  • 855 US dollars

Service Description

Mineral imbalances can cause a list of symptoms such as fatigue, digestive issues, emotional dysregulation, PMS, decreased immune system, attention issues and so much more. We test your minerals, tie in the emotional and psychological aspects to how you are feeling, take a look at your lifestyle and nutrition, and release blocks and imbalances keeping you stuck. Email/call me to setup a 15 minute call to see if you would benefit from testing! This package includes: - HTMA test kit and results - Zoom call to review tests - Specific protocol tailored to you and your needs including diet, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments based off your HTMA - 2 energy and mindset sessions surrounding mineral imbalances and blocks - AO Scan Inner-Voice and audio after each energy session - Support for two months - 15% off supplements for life **Does NOT include 120 day mineral supply This package is for you if you need a slow place to start and want to get non-invasive testing done that will tell you about your metabolic rate, adrenal and thyroid function, carbohydrate tolerance, energy levels, mineral ratios, stress levels and more. I recommend doing this alongside my Holistic Energy Healing Sessions as maintenance to process any emotions and trauma that may be causing those imbalances.

Contact Details

  • 2089690616

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