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My Story

Let me start by saying that I am one of you. I have been through the trauma, fallen to the depths of depression and anxiety, tried every diet in hopes that one would stick, struggled with body image, weight gain, skin issues, bloat, weight loss, and just down right not feeling good. Not only have I dealt with physical symptoms but emotional as well while I tried sifting through my trauma just to feel human. 

I have traveled a long way to get to where I am now with my health, emotional regulation, eating habits, and nervous system and I am here to help you do the same without the long journey. Recovering from drinking, food intolerance, eczema, postpartum recovery, trauma, triggers, emotional breakdowns, to feeding your little, performance nutrition, weight loss, and meal prep are just a few things that I can help you with. 

Regulated Healing is about a no-stress approach to holistic healing with mineral balancing and emotional trauma release at the forefront. We touch all the aspects of your life in order to make lifestyle changes to last. 

If you made it to my page then you might be looking for some relief after you feel like you have tried everything or you just need some tweaking to an already great lifestyle! Reach out to me and let's see how I can help!

The Process

With nutrition and nervous system regulation, I fixed my pregnancy induced eczema, relieved my constant bloat, started to recover my body from binge drinking and birth control, and found the perfect balance of eating that suites my lifestyle. 


With releasing trapped emotions, removing negative imbalances and blocks, and reframing old belief systems, I have been able to move on from childhood trauma, becoming a single mother unexpectedly, and resolving the lingering health issues I had. It helped me to step into my full potential without the emotional blocks holding me back. 

I have started the journey with my family of nine on cellular detox and heailng to create generational health that will give them life-long freedom. 

As a bonus, fitness has always been a love of mine and CrossFit was my life for 7 years. Pregnancy brought prolapse symptoms and my pelvic floor was not as strong after birth. I slowly rehabbed myself back to symptom free and added in the best fitness and exercises for my nervous system and stage of life. 

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