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My Approach

I have a very unique and holistic approach to healing. I use all different aspects of your life, body, and mind to allow your nervous system to regulate and start to shift. Minerals and nutrition to give your body the cellular energy it needs, releasing trapped emotions, energetic imbalances and blocks, as well as old belief systems in order to move forward, and stress management techniques. 

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP

Nutrition is the foundation to healing and regulating your body and mind. I use a slow approach to changing your eating habits and I start with knowledge around why we make changes. It is crucial for you know the importance of nutrient-dense foods and the impact it has on your body. This allows you to make informed choices relevant to your healing. We start by identifying the biggest food triggers in your diet and slowly removing them until we can create a plan that fits your lifestyle and family. One that YOU are comfortable with and at your pace. 

The Emotion Code®, The Body Code™

and The Belief Code

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Emotions are energy - energy in motion - Emotion. We all experience emotions throughout our life and most we are able to move through and process but some are too overwhelming and they become trapped within our body. Those trapped emotions are balls of energy that attach to organs and other placements within the body and can cause physical symptoms, emotional distress and ultimately wreck havoc on our life. Releasing trapped emotions can help with anxiety, depression, trauma responses, pain, chronic illness, and feeling stuck. A big focus in our Holistic Healing Sessions are identifying and releasing limiting belief systems. We then work on restructuting
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Mineral balancing is crucial when working on trauma and releasing old patterns. If your body doesn't have the cellular energy to complete daily tasks and functions, we can't expect to have the energy to change our thoughts and beliefs to release old trauma. We run an HTMA on your hair (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and assess your mineral status as well as thyroid, adrenals, digestion, carb intolerance, metabolic rate, and psychological state. We then put you on a custom mineral blend and make some lifestyle changes to help you work through your healing. 
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I love fitness and all the benefits it has but there are some fitness habits that can actually inhibit healing and put more stress on the body. Your body sees fitness as a stressor, while it is a great tool, it should be done with intention. We all are in varies seasons of life and have different goals which means that fitness should look different for each person. One person may only be walking daily and another might be running marathons or competing. We find the best fitness outlet for you and your season of life. The pelvic floor is also a very critical piece to the fitness puzzle and will be assessed before each session.
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