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I help you and your family heal your body and mind holistically with functional testing, mineral balancing, emotional release, cellular detox and Faith-Based habits to create generational health and empowerment!


Regulated Healing... about identifying imbalances and blocks in the body, balancing your minerals and mind, releasing emotions and trauma with prayer and building out faith-based lifestyle habits, we bring generational healing to your and your family.

All of my services below tackle healing from a Holistic perspective that includes the physical body, cellular level, minerals, mindset, emotions, mental health, and nervous system. Whether you are new into your journey and need full support, need a reset, or farther into your journey and need additional healing, I am here for you. 

I give you as much support as possible, with various modalities, so that we can find what works for you. I have been left to my own healing many times and working with me you are guaranteed to have a partner on your journey.

My Approach

Mineral Balancing


Minerals make up your entire cellular structure. They provide the energy for bodily functions, balancing hormones, aid in digestion, calm the nervous system, and keep you thriving. If you are imbalanced you will find it hard to do all things physically, mentally, and emotionally. We use HTMA to build a mineral balancing protocol specifically for you.

Emotional Release

Have you ever tried to implement anything and everything to change your mindset and thoughts but you feel like you keep failing? Going right back to where you started? It feels so hard. Just like minerals, we house emotions and beliefs at a cellular level. These need to be released and the trauma loops need to be closed. I give you the tools to do that with prayer, mindfulness, and exercises. 

Lifestyle Habits

Your lifestyle has a massive impact on how well you can move forward. What you do on a daily basis and who you interact with paves the path to healing or remaining stuck. Nutrition, clean water and air, thoughts and beliefs, connection, relationships, sleep and stress all contribute to healing. We assess each aspect and come up with ideas on how to make it better while creating faith-based habits.

Offering Bioenergetic Testing

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Regulated Healing offers Bioenergetic Testing which is an energetic evaluation of the body and is intended to support the body’s natural healing ability by providing missing or misunderstood information to the individual’s innate intelligence.


This information can be used to remove or reduce blocked or compromised energy flow. This test is used to evaluate the energetic condition of the organs and systems, nutritional imbalances, hormone signatures, metabolic dysfunction, toxins, mental and emotional blocks, specific body system and then custom support for you and an energetic and physical protocol. 



Once a service is paid for online I will reach out to you by end of day to setup our first meeting and consult. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Group Offering

Regulated Healing, Together

In this group program you will receive HTMA testing and Bioenergetics Scans with custom support tailored to your results. You will also have access to the Regulated Healing, Together Community where you get all your questions answered, access to all resources, heal together, group calls, ongoing support, and so much more!

Private Offerings

Regulated Healing Package

This package is a 6 month commitment where we overhaul your mind and body into healing. We test your mineral status as well as your body systems, gut, allergies using HTMA and Bioenergetics. We then work on balancing and detoxing alongside mindset and emotion coaching, identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances, a fitness plan tailored to you, and we lay the foundations to building a sustainable lifestyle.

Healing Reset Package

This package is for someone who needs a retest or has worked in the holistic/functional space prior to now. We test your minerals, Bioenergetic state, tie in the emotional and psychological aspects to how you are feeling, take a look at your lifestyle and nutrition, and release blocks and imbalances keeping you stuck in order to regulate your nervous system.

Balanced Healing Package

This is a 4 month commitment to overhaul your healing. By using HTMA and Bioenergetics Testing we assess for mineral imbalances, heavy metals, toxin load, and microbial overload and work to rebalance and detox. Alongside detoxing we work on mindset and emotion coaching, identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances, a custom plan tailored to you, as we lay the foundations to building a sustainable lifestyle while healing trauma and mental health.

Regulated Healing
Release Session

In this session you bring a focus that you want to work on emotionally. We identify negative emotions, belief systems, and patterns keeping you stuck surrounding that focus. Using rational emotive behavior and root cause healing therapy accompanied by somatic release exercises we rewire your mindset and brain. With prayer and Faith-Based intention, together we get to the root of your suffering and ask God to release it.

River Stones

Healing Journeys

"Never would I have made homemade biscuits for biscuits and gravy. I was always about the easy, canned biscuits for the win. Every weekend for the last few months I have made homemade bread for the week and breakfast scones. Today I did homemade sourdough brownies and pretzels for the kids lunch snacks. Thank you!!! Thank you for helping me heal and process. To release and move forward. All of this has given me energy to grow, learn, and just be present again! I also have the patience to work with the kids in the kitchen! Something I always loved doing until my temper became so short I couldn't do it without losing it. "

- Crystal

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